#10 – Generations of Readers

As a young child I had always loved books, and learnt to read early. I was always reading, the back of the cereal packet, the side of a bus, anything.

When I went to Secondary School I found my favourite place in the world – the school library. We had a brilliant librarian who introduced me to so many new authors as well as all the classics – I read every Dickens the school owned, plus lots of science fiction, action books and detective novels. I spent most of my morning and lunch breaks reading, and spending time with other keen readers.

Today I have two beautiful daughters (a fab husband too). We all read extensively, and have passed on the love of books and reading to our girls. We have a house full of books.

I want to just add here a heartfelt thank you to my school librarian, and say hi to my daughter who is doing an MA in Librarianship at Sheffield.

Submitted by Heather


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