#11 – Printer

I’m currently studying my MA full time, but one of my standout moments in my school library graduate traineeship was helping out a trainee teacher. He had to give a presentation for his university course, and was struggling to get the PowerPoint handout to look right. I showed him how to change the settings to allow for more than one slide per page, and helped him print it (on a very temperamental printer!).

It seemed like such a small thing to me at the time, but he came and found me the next day to tell me how his presentation had gone, and to thank me for helping him out. It turned he’d been really worried about getting everything together in time, so he was grateful that I’d helped him sort it quickly. Whenever I bumped into him in the corridor after that, he’d always call me his lifesaver!

It was a great feeling, knowing that my small action had meant so much to him, and it made me realise how much good librarians could do, just by being there at the right time to help someone in need.

Submitted by Elle, London, School library


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