#14 – Microfilm Mystery

There have been plenty of little moments which remind me why I got into, and why I stay, in the library profession. My favourite was while working as a Library Assistant in a university library.

I worked on the customer service desk, dealing with students with the normal sort of queries – where are the loos, can you connect me to the wi-fi, I need this book but I can’t remember the title, etc…

But on this day, an interesting query came in… A man came in looking for a letter concerning land ownership in the 17th century, so not your standard enquiry.

I managed to hunt this letter down, it was held on one roll of microfilm, in a box of 20 microfilm rolls. Then came attempting to use the Microfilm Machine, which was becoming obsolete before I was born. We conquered the baffling machine!

Long story short, we managed to find this letter which was a key source for the man’s research, and he was so pleased that I received a bottle of wine the next day!

Submitted by Ellie Downes, Higher Education library


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