#16 – Weekend Plans

Two of my favourite Year 7s are so pure I want them to stay that way forever ❤ They were very excited to tell me about their plan for the weekend which is to go into town to visit the library and read some Harry Potter and look for more books! — “followed by McDonalds, obviously.”


Submitted by Emily, Secondary School Library


#9 – Support Your Library

I am at a small, country library that was co-located with a small school.

The school closed earlier this year and the fate of the library is uncertain over the next few years. The community is rallying around using our services in an effort to stave off closure.

My favourite comment from a patron has been that he hopes to win the lottery, buy the building, and keep me on because his kids who used to be non-readers love to come to the library and love to read!

Best endorsement for the love of reading!

Submitted by Anonymous