#8 – Unicorns!

I work in the children’s department, so nights during the school year are empty and slow. On one night, a dad and his daughter (about 4 y/o) came in, and the daughter was very shy. Dad nudged her up to my desk, and she peered up at me and whispers, “Unicowns?”

I take them both around our picture books picking up “Uni the Unicorn” and “A Unicorn Named Sparkle,” and the next one on my list is “You Don’t Want a Unicorn.” I slide that book off of the shelf and hand it to the little girl, saying loudly and jokingly, “You don’t want a unicorn!”

The four-year-old looked up at me with big, huge eyes and whispered, “YES, I DO!”

Submitted by Anonymous, Public Sector


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